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This item by Lee Alex is available for purchase by members of The Magic Circle ONLY:


Every magician can use a handkerchief, silk, cloth, scarf, napkin or cover.

The Magic Circle is proud to offer its members a range of satin silk squares in varying sizes:

"The Regular Pocket Square" - (12 inches x 12 inches / 30 cm x 30 cm)

The perfect way to accessorise your tux or evening wear and show that you are a proud member of The Magic Circle.

The Regular Pocket Square is not gimmicked in any way but could be used for close-up magic effects where a small silk or handkerchief is required.

"The Close-Up Square" - Large size - (18 inches x 18 inches / 45 cm x 45 cm)

The Close- Up Square is totally un-gimmicked and can be used for close-up or cabaret effects where a regular handkerchief, napkin or silk is required.

"The Stage Square" - XL Size - (30 inches x 30 inches / 75 cm x 75 cm)

This large satin silk square can be used on the largest of stages for magic effects where a regular cloth or cover is required.

The top corners are supplied with hidden studs to enable the performer to display this large square the correct way up when opened.

Ideal to use in combination with the Zombie Floating Ball, Bottle Productions, Bouquet productions etc.

Can be used as a regular cloth to cover stage props or a table.

The satin silk takes up no space when folded down and can be used as a production item itself.

Any of the Magic Circle Squares could be framed to make a great display piece for your magic den or collection.

Each Magic Circle Square features a design by Lee Alex which incorporates the black and white Magic Circle Zodiac emblem bordered with an art deco design inspired by the famous spiral staircase in The Magic Circle Headquarters.

The Magic Circle Squares are a double layer of fabric sewn together to display the design on either side.

The satin silk fabric is lightweight and crumple resistant. Machine washable.

The Magic Circle Squares

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