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"Knock me down with a feather!!"


The Professional Chicken Bandana is shown on both sides with the picture of a cute, cartoon chicken

The performer shakes the bandana and feathers fly into the air.

The bandana is shown once again, but this time with the "plucked" chicken running away in a state of undress!!

The effect can be reversed whereby the magician throws a handful of feathers over the bandana and the chicken is shown "restored" with all the feathers back in place (original cartoon picture).

Alternatively the bandana may be gathered up and a rubber chicken (not supplied) is produced from within.


Beautiful, bold, bright colored graphics with a simple plot.

The subtle addition of the bandana's bright border makes the flash transformation almost undetectable even at close quarters.

  • Suitable for the largest stage and visual enough for street performances, "Zoom" shows, parlor shows etc.
  • Complete with hand-finished satin bandana (approximately 24 x 24 inches, 60 x 60 cm) and a supply of white feathers (enough for many performances).
  • Easy set up and ready to perform any time during your show.


Visualsual comedy for audiences of all ages!

Professional Chicken Bandana

Expected to ship mid-January 2023
  • We offer "Standard Shipping" with national post offices. This option includes a tracking number. The time to deliver with Standard Shipping depends greatly on the post office service of the destination country. 

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