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Collectable "Pocket Devil"  Magic Art :  Doug Henning - "The Magic Show" - Douglas James Henning

Artwork by Lee Alex

Limited to 99 pieces.


This set of 2 (TWO) collectable "Pocket Devils" by Lee Alex contains one REGULAR Pocket Square and one "Pocket Devil" Pocket Square with built in "Devil's Hank" feature.

* Props not included *


"Pocket Devils" measure 34 cm x 34 cm (approx. 13 inches x 13 inches).


Each "Pocket Devil Set" comes with a collectors information card giving a brief description of the original poster and artwork design.

Collector cards are individually numbered. (One numbered card per set of two "Pocket Devils").


Inspired  by the 1974 Broadway "The Magic Show" poster  by David Byrd, this "Pocket Devil" features digital patterns from the original poster in bright colors associated with Henning throughout his magical career. The center piece is the cartoon heart - one presumes that audiences loved the show as it ran for 1,920 performances at the Cort Theater, Manhattan from May 28th 1974 with a final performance on New Year's Eve 1978.


*Disclaimer: The actual "Pocket Devil" color may vary from the images shown on this website. Every monitor or mobile display has limitations to reflect true colors, and every individual may see these colors differently. Additionally lighting conditions at the time the photo was taken can also affect an image's color. 


Thank you to Neil McNally of "The Doug Henning Project". Here you can see some of the original concept pencil drawings of the poster:

Doug Henning "The Magic Show" Pocket Devil - Magic Art

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Pocket Devils