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"5 x 5" & Craig and Ryland's Magic Reviews

Every week (Mondays at 9.00pm UK time) Craig Petty talks about 5 totally random topics and only has 5 minutes to get his point across! In this episode Craig looks at the "Devil's Bandana V2.0".

Wednesdays 5.00 pm UK time Craig Petty and his young son Ryland Petty review the latest magic products. In the episode below they talk about the "Devil's Bandana V 2.0" which Ryland uses in his show to vanish a Rubik's cube. Check out what they have to say!

We LOVE to hear your comments and feedback about our products. If you own anything that we currently offer on our website and you wish to add a review, we would appreciate your comments. Reviews help us to IMPROVE and we always listen to our customers in order to offer them exactly what they need.

Reviews can be submitted HERE:

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